Youth Case Study

Youth Retail


To understand motivations and barriers to the retail (brick-and-mortar) shopping experience, specifically for the teen market, ages 13-18.

Our Approach

A mix of teens and young shoppers were assigned exploratory task-based challenge activities, and ethnographic interviews via mobile video surveys and group chats.

Key Takeaways

Teens tend to shop physical stores more than online


shop online once a week or more


shop at physical stores once a week or more

What is most important to you when deciding which physical store to visit?

Proximity 35%
Large Product Selection 15%
High Quality Products 15%
Located Near Other Cool Stores 10%
Hands-On Product Experience 10%
Stuff To Do Other Than Shop 5%
Good Customer Service 5%
Cool/Fun Environment 5%

Teens Most Frequented Retail Stores

H&M 29%
Target 24%
Walmart 14%
Goodwill / Thrift Shop 14%
Forever 21 14%
Topshop 10%
Pacsun 10%
Nike 10%
American Eagle 10%
Youth Fast Food


To utilize co-creation/ideation activities and unlock new secret menu opportunities.

Our Approach

A teen advisory crew served as advisors/co-creators with mobile ethnographic video interviews, and a social research study (gamified experience) designed to understand the importance of secret menu items for teens.

Key Takeaways

“Awesome food” is the most influential factor when it comes to teen fast food restaurant decisions.


of teens eat fast food at least 2-3 times per month


said that having healthy options at fast food restaurants was at least somewhat important

About Once A Week 25%
A Few Times A Week 25%
2-3 Times A Month 25%
About Once A Month 10%
A Few Times Per Year 10%
Almost Never 5%
Youth Politics


To obtain a foundational understanding of teen views on politics at a time of increasing division and uncertainty.

Our Approach

A mix of teens and students were assigned an exploratory ethnographic interview project focused on revealing teen perspectives in real-world settings.

Key Takeaways

Where did you learn that these brands were helping to resolve issues in our country?

Social Media 44%
From A Friend 19%
At A Store 19%
Website 6%
On TV 6%
Magazine Article 6%


said they’d buy more from brands who stood up for important issues