Approximately one in five North American moms is a millennial mom, adding up to 9 million. In addition, 83 percent of new moms are millennials. Millennial moms are also heavy social media users and are actively engaging with other moms and brands.

Here are 10 helpful facts for engaging with millennial moms through social media.

Millennial Moms

  • Eighty-nine percent live in households of three or more people.
  • Thirty-three percent are the majority contributor to their household’s income (vs. 26 percent of moms in general).
  • Millennial moms represent 46 percent of women in their age group.
  • Spend an average of $13 thousand per year on their kids.

Social Media Use

  • Have 3.4 social media accounts, on average (vs. 2.6 for moms in general).
  • Spend an average of 17.4 hours per week on their social networks, two hours more than they spend watching TV and nearly four hours more than the average mom spends on social networks.
  • The most active Pinterest users are millennial moms.
  • Eighty-six percent use social media to be an influencer, and 83 percent said they use social media to express opinions.
  • Eighty-four percent of millennial moms follow brands’ social media channels in order to receive information from them – compared with 46 percent of millennial women.
  • Ninety-two percent of millennial moms check Facebook multiple times per day; 56 percent check Instagram multiple times per day; 49 percent check Twitter multiple times per day; 42 percent check Pinterest multiple times per day.

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Millennial moms have a substantial presence on social media. They are a growing population and lead in terms of use and engagement on social media compared to moms in general. When it comes to marketing to millennial moms, look toward using social media first.

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