This year’s ANA conference was held in Miami from November 9th to November 11th.  With a robust line up of industry leaders across categories,  attendees were invited  to learn more about their successes and approach to Multicultural marketing in today’s world.  Speakers from top companies including Coca Cola, Dunkin’ Brands, Kimberly Clark, Kellogg, and Walmart (just to name a few) shared their current approach and future vision on how to connect with multicultural consumers. Key note speakers openly spoke to their individual experiences and shared insights into their marketing practices.

The hot topic at this year’s conference centered on Total Market and its importance in marketing plans. Various Total Market principles and case studies were shared in an effort to illustrate different approaches to this important shift in the industry. No right answer exists as to what the best model or approach is, but the forum at ANA allowed industry leaders to learn from each others, share best in class examples and have engaging conversation around the topic. One consistent message continued to arise, which was that targeting Multicultural consumers is key in the success of any business model and necessary for companies to survive and grow.  The two primary ways to for success in building multicultural campaigns are hyper-targeting and effectively reaching individual multicultural segments with insight driven messaging.

Moving into the future, a Total Market approach will only increase in importance of marketing plans and the momentum to find the most effective solutions will continue to grow. This event was a great way to see and be inspired by the positive enthusiasm and buzz generated around multicultural marketing as it continues to evolve in the advertising industry.