The 2017 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, presented by Time Inc. in Miami Beach, Florida from Nov. 5th-7th, featured a myriad of talent as multicultural leaders from top-tier brands took the stage to deliver cutting-edge and inspirational presentations on effectively reaching diverse consumers.

Vice President of Client Strategy & Insights at Motivate, Rene Sanchez, possesses over 15 years of client management experience including brand strategy, media targeting and consumer research.  A guru of Salesforce and syndicated data tools, he has led sales, marketing and customer service teams in the development and optimization of brand strategies and marketing plans that effectively connect and engage multicultural audiences.

Q: What are the key takeaways that you felt were specific to your segment?

Rene: First, I would say that multicultural marketing leaders must position brands on diversity and inclusion.  Second, brands that harness the power of multicultural win with consumers.  Third, I’d say that a winning multicultural campaign starts with looking within and ensuring you have the right experts.

Q: In your opinion, which was the best presentation and why?

Rene: I would say the P&G presentation.  The speaker, Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer for Proctor & Gamble, opened up about how he tried to suppress his Mexican background instead of being proud of it.  Now, with the political and social landscape, he was inspired to take a stand by positioning brands to tackle diversity.  In addition, the brand demonstrated great work that not only focuses on multicultural, but also on inclusiveness across the board, urging brands to “Step It Up!” and take on broader societal issues and become a force for good- and a force for growth.”

Q: What would you have liked to see more of, or what was something that you thought was missing at the conference?

Rene: I think there was not enough of the actual multicultural insights per focused segments [Hispanic, African American, Asian, Gen Z/youth] shown – we saw the creative but what consumer insights led the great creative? I would have liked to see this more.

Q: What was one thing at the conference that inspired you most?

Rene: The idea of brands recognizing that multicultural focus means winning big today and for the future to come.  That you can position brands to welcome diversity.  Brands that truly invest and position themselves to be relevant and inclusive win.