By integrating LGBTQ influencers into your marketing strategy, not only do you expand your brand awareness within the nuances of the LGBTQ community, but you also gain branded material that can be distributed across online and digital platforms; social media, email, television and so on. Consider that LGBTQ marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity if your brand is to thrive amongst the general population.

Check out these six successful influencer partnerships for some examples on how you can tap into the the LGBTQ market:

Gus Kenworthy | Head & Shoulders

The openly gay 2018 Winter Olympics athlete, Gus Kenworthy, was featured on the Head & Shoulders campaign, Shoulders of Greatness. The brand showed its initiative in upholding a leader for LGBTQ sports inclusion, using shoulders as a metaphor for carrying pride and resilience, and overcoming any challenge. The commercial has already received over 80K views. Kenworthy holds 950K followers on his Instagram, and nearly 50K subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Gigi Gorgeous | Revlon

Trangender internet and television personality, and glamour model, Gigi Gorgeous was brought on as the Revlon ambassador in 2017. She boasts the freedom and fluidity of gender and identity, characteristics that resonate with Gen Z. Gorgeous holds 2.2 million followers on Instagram, and 2.7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Ingrid Nilsen | bareMinerals

Lesbian YouTube personality, Ingrid Nilsen, partnered with bareMinerals in the launch of 10 foundation shades, bringing the brand’s total number of shades to 30. The authencitiy behind this campaign was established by her discussion on being biracial and having difficulty finding the appropriate color for her skin tone. This had a significant impact on, and immediately attracted, consumers across racial and ethnic populations. Nilsen holds nearly 4 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, and 1.6 million on Instagram.

Max Emerson | Trivago

Gay actor, model and YouTuber, Max Emerson, partnered with Trivago to film The NYC Wedding Surprise in 2016. The influencer ambushed the gay couple with a celebration of flaggots, an LGBTQ color guard troop. This was particularly significant as same-sex marriage was legalized the year prior. Max Emerson holds 133K subscribers to his YouTube channel, and 879K followers on Instagram.

BenDeLaCreme | Visit Seattle

Stage persona, drag queen and burlesque performer, BenDeLaCreme, collaborated with Visit Seattle for the commercial #SeattleProud. The video featured the influencer speaking on the various topics regarding the acceptance and embrace of gay rights, immigration, and the Black Lives Matter movement in Seattle. BenDeLaCreme holds 566K followers on Instagram, and 207K on Twitter.

Eli Lieb | Aloft Hotels

The media partner, Queerty, asked the gay singer and songwriter, Eli Lieb, to describe his journey through Los Angeles beginning from the Aloft Hotel. The key component in this campaign was the integration of an interview, where the speaker described his engagement with the brand. It’s a perfect opportunity for the influencer to do exactly what they do best: tell a story that resonates with their audience. Lieb holds 340K subscribers to his YouTube channel, and 68K followers on his Instagram.