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To develop a marketing strategy that reaches the 9.3 million LGBTQ adults in the U.S., you’ll need a comprehensive understanding for annual LGBTQ awareness days, holidays, observances and events, what we call “shared moments.”  Why? Strictly focusing on Pride Month to expand your brand awareness in the LGBTQ community won’t deliver maximum effectiveness to your campaign.  Shared moments provide ample opportunities to build trust and consistency year-round with the LGBT market, which are the groundwork to increasing online- and in-store sales.

Whether you’re targeting social, digital or traditional media channels, here are seven LGBTQ shared moments happening in Q3 and Q4 to amplify your visibility:

Outfest Film Festival, Los Angeles – From July 12th through the 22nd, the Outfest Film Festival features top, global LGBTQ short- and feature films.  Attended by over 40,000 LGBTQ + Allies, the festival provides companies with sponsorship opportunities to showcase their support for an inclusive workforce and pro-LGBTQ brands.

Ally Week – Occurring in September, Ally Week is a national effort that encourages youth to become Allies to the LGBTQ community and stand against hate, violence, bullying and harassment of LGBTQ adolescents.  Across all social channels, online users participate in the conversation, providing your brand with the chance to showcase support for your LGBTQA consumers using effective content and hashtags.  Roughly 60% of LGBTQ consumers, family members, friends and Allies are more likely to click on an ad that carries LGBTQ messaging.

LGBT History Month – In honor of the LGBTQ civil rights movement, a month-long national observance occurs throughout October, recognizing LGBTQ role models, historical and modern political figures.  These acknowledgements help educate and empower the LGBT community, and are an ideal period to showcase your brand’s diverse and inclusive work culture, policies and involvement in the LGBTQ community.

Out & Equal Workplace Summit – As the world’s leading non-profit for LGBTQ workplace equality, the organization maintains partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies to provide exclusive leadership, training and networking development, in addition to awards ceremonies to recognize equality-driven employers.  From October 1st through the 4th, the Workplace Summit helps companies build strategies and practices to create inclusion in their workplace.  Partnering with Out & Equal depicts your brand and reputation as an employer of choice for LGBTQ individuals.

National Coming OUT Day – Celebrated on October 11th, National Coming OUT Day promotes a safe world for LGBTQ people to live out, and live proud.  Viacom previously employed a campaign called “Out in 60” in which individuals shared their stories on coming out.  This observance provides you with myriad of ways to showcase your brand such as recognizing LGBTQ employees, consumers, stories or creating a story that supports their cause on your media channels or in your marketing content.

National Spirit Day – On October 18th, consumers around the nation wear purple in support of LGBTQ youth and take a stand against homophobia.  In an effort to prevent suicides, hate-crime and violence, brands have shown their corporate social responsibility by participating in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SpiritDay.

Transgender Awareness Week – Observed the second week of November, Transgender Awareness Week memorializes the victims of transphobic violence.  Many brands have previously employed popular trans- figures in their campaigns that will broadcast an empowering message to transgender consumers.  Among other strategies, you may also wish to donate a percentage of sales revenue to homeless shelters as a substantial portion of transgender people are often disowned by family members.

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