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“Brands break my trust by failing to listen and underestimating people who support them, by creating products that are unreliable, or by making a negative impact on society. I hate when they use pop cultural influences just for financial gain.”
-Devan T. Age 16

Today’s multiethnic youth audience is highly individualized, and making connections deeper within the subcultures is non-negotiable if we want our brand to be on their radar, keep their attention, and motivate a response.”
-Gregg L. Witt

“A big misconception about our generation is that we only have a six to eight-second attention span on social media or when looking at content; in reality, we just have a very good B.S. meter”
-Connor Blakely

Youth market relevance is not a game of luck. Get ready to fine-tune your Gen Z engagement strategies and build your credibility across marketing communications. You’ll benefit from hearing first-hand accounts covering over 10 years of research, experience, and the successes/failures that have shaped a useful framework for reliable youth market success.

Join Motivate’s Executive Vice President of Youth Marketing, Gregg Witt, as he and 18-year old Gen Z speaker, Connor Blakely, discuss the five foundational principles of youth marketing, proven influencer program strategies and real-world case studies.

Below is a sneak peak at two of the five foundational youth marketing principles we will cover during the webinar.

These principles are the starting point for understanding and defining your relationship with any audience, but they are particularly relevant to starting any youth-focused initiative. However, we rarely find that all of them are well executed, or even practiced together in one harmonious system. If you want to be relevant with Gen Z, then you need to build these truths into your own business so you can be unique…

You may have seen or heard of these principles before, but you might not have thought about how they work together and build upon each other, until they create a virtually foolproof framework for brand building and fostering a relationship with Gen Z. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity though— the magic is in the method.

#1 Identity

Brands need an identity young people care about. To find that identity, you need to go far beyond your service, product, and packaging and really determine who you are and what you represent to Gen Z. It’s the differentiator between successful brands, and those that struggle to find their path.

#2 Trust

Gen Z has become a generation of the best skeptics so far. They have grown up in a time when brands are more transparent than ever before, and they can immediately scan everything with a well-honed filter. They expect more truth from brands than previous generations, and any attempt at mimicking authenticity lands brands in the world of irrelevance as far as Gen Z is concerned.

Learn all five foundational principals and key strategies to apply them in your youth-targeted initiatives. Register today for the Delete. Unsubscribe. Goodbye. webinar!  All attendees receive an exclusive youth-specific influencer marketing checklist and a full research report on our most recent youth market insights.

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