For any brand that has invested in connecting with the LGBTQ community, it’s important they recognize that 2018 is different, according to new research from Motivate.

There’s been a drastic shift following recent political changes. In the Trump era, a deep uncertainty pervades the community, and though avoiding politics may seem preferable, companies should also recognize how the current political atmosphere impacts their consumers’ purchase decisions. This is the year to stay solid or increase your connection with the community.

Watch the LGBTQ Marketing 2018 Webinar

Also notable this year, while the political circumstance appears unfavorable to LGBTQ, an increasing acceptance and awareness of LGBTQ in mainstream media has also been shown, and with that, a shift in LGBTQ media preferences.  LGBTQ consumers are finding more sources of LGBTQ content throughout the media landscape.  Where is best to place your advertising dollars?

An understanding for both sides of the spectrum is vital for brands in 2018.  Motivate examined these areas with a new lens. We asked people at the heart of LGBTQ conversation – LGBTQ social influencers. These influencers reach over 1.1 million followers, including community leaders.

This 30-minute webinar will show the highlights of our research. You’ll get to observe video responses directly from LGBTQ social media influencers and other community members. Joel Shoemaker, VP LGBTQ at Motivate, will share his POV on what these insights mean for brands.

All attendees will receive an exclusive research summary.

Who should attend?

  • Brand or agency executives and managers interested in learning more about LGBTQ marketing
  • LGBTQ ERG members who are interested in shaping a conversation about LGBTQ marketing

What you’ll learn:

  • New research on key 2018 passion points for LGBTQ
  • Social media influencers perspective on key issues
  • Emerging new trends in LGBTQ media preferences

Motivate works with Fortune 500 clients and major advertising agencies, providing custom insights and best-in-class media solutions in the digital, social, traditional and influencer market to reach Multicultural, Youth and LGBTQ segments.