In this interview, Motivate’s Executive Vice President of Youth Marketing, Gregg Witt, discusses youth culture as it applies in today’s new era of individuality.  Dr. Diane Hamilton leads the interview on Podcast Garden as Witt explains how brands can direct marketing strategies that align with the wants and needs of tween, teen and young adult audiences.

Gen Z holds $44 billion in buying power, and teens and tweens themselves influence nearly $600 billion in family spending. As the current youth population is the most diverse generation in history, brands must possess the necessary marketing expertise to reach the subcultures of Gen Z.  This ultimately influences how the broader youth population responds to their brand.  Born into an era of dynamic interconnection, Gen Z is constantly shifting with the technology around them and it is up to brands to accommodate them in their transition.

Listen to the interview on Podcast Garden.

Gregg Witt is a youth culture specialist and a senior marketing strategist at Motivate. He has an uncanny ability to help consumer brands be more relevant with tweens, teens and young adults. Witt is a proven brand builder, an inspiring speaker, and, in 2016, was named a ” Top 5 Youth Marketer to Follow” by Inc. Magazine.  He has spent 17 years in consumer insights and youth marketing.