Regardless of acculturation levels, Spanish-language newspaper readership is high among Latinos, according to Motivate’s Hispanic Intercept Study. The custom Hispanic Intercept Study, which was prepared exclusively by Nielsen, reveals groundbreaking findings on U.S. Latino media consumption, acculturation engagement levels and reach in five major Hispanic markets. Hispanic newspapers are tied to strong content, local advertising success and high levels of reader engagement. These community papers serve as unifiers and consultants to Spanish-speaking consumers. Their influence is undisputable.

Readership by Top DMA

In Los Angeles—the largest Hispanic market in the U.S.—Spanish-language newspapers reach close to 90 percent of Hispanics in the area.

In Chicago, the fifth largest Hispanic DMA, readership of Spanish-language newspapers is extremely high. Ninety-seven percent of Latinos have read a Spanish-language paper within the last 30 days. Readership is high with both the unacculturated (93 percent) and acculturated (84 percent) segments.

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In San Diego, nearly 75 percent of Hispanics have read a Spanish-language newspaper within the past month.

Print Advertisements & Coupons

Advertising inserts and/or circulars from newspapers are embraced by Hispanics as a source for product information before deciding on a purchase. Roughly half of the Hispanic population consults newspaper inserts before making a purchase.

Eighty-six percent of the unacculturated prefer advertisements in Spanish compared to 38 percent for the acculturated segment. Regardless of the level of acculturation, featuring Hispanic/Latino actors, values and culture within an advertisement is extremely important.

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Source: Motivate/Nielsen Hispanic Print Readership Study.

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