One in four births in the U.S. are to a Hispanic woman. Nearly 20 percent of millennial parents are Latino and they’re liking, sharing and researching their interests, including entertainment, advice and communication, online at higher rates than other segments. Below are the four top interests of today’s young Latina mom.

  1. Home & Entertaining

Latina millennial moms are six times more likely to be interested in home and family crafts than the general population. Compared to non-Hispanic millennials with children, millennial Latina moms are about 20 percent more likely to shop for dining room furniture. They’re also interested in party planning, being about five times more likely to plan a get-together than the average consumer.

  1. Apparel

Millennial Latina moms are almost 30 percent more likely than other millennials with children to shop for women’s clothes. They’re also shopping for clothes twice as often than their Latino male counterparts. According to Nielsen, their shopping behaviors are influenced by what they see online. Almost 70 percent of Latinas agree they’ve purchased a product in a store based on online information. More than 80 percent are online shoppers.

  1. Healthy Diets

Compared to other millennials with children, Latina millennial moms are about 20 percent more likely to be interested in dieting. A third of them look for organic and natural products when shopping for food.

  1. Cosmetics

Latinas will become a more dominant driver in consumption of cosmetics. They’re almost six times more likely to be interested in cosmetics and makeup than the average consumer. When compared to other millennial parents, they’re nearly 20 percent more likely to be interested in cosmetics. Women’s fragrances, men’s toiletries and cologne are also top purchases of the Latina female household head. Latinas are 108 percent more likely to shop for women’s fragrances than non-Hispanic white female household heads.

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Source: Exponential Advertising Intelligence, Pew Research Center, Nielsen.

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