In 2004, Hershey’s branded its product with what it anticipated to be a promising tagline.  The chocolate manufacturer featured Thalia Sodi on its packaging, and displayed the copy “Cajeta Elegancita” adjacent to the celebrity’s image.  The translation for the text read “Elegant Box” for Mexican consumers, however, for Argentinian consumers, the translation was a slang term for the female anatomy.

This embarrassing blunder is just one of many that can occur without a multicultural approach to the Hispanic audience.  Though connected by overlapping traditions, customs and seemingly identical language, the Hispanic segment is comprised of over 20 varying subcultures and dialects that renders any monolithic approach ineffective.  So how can you amplify your reach to the Hispanic population?  One word: Influencers.

Why?  Currently, Hispanic online users outnumber non-Hispanic White online users on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, making social media an optimal platform for reaching these consumers.  Hispanic influencers can tap into one or more Hispanic subcultures using their social channels.  However, it is vital that Hispanic consumers see members of their own subculture within your marketing campaigns, so diversifying your Hispanic influencers is most effective.  By leveraging the power of Hispanic influencers, you can connect with monolingual and bilingual audiences across cultures to increase brand awareness and brand affinity.

Below is a list of seven top Hispanic influencers that brands have previously collaborated with:

German Garmendia is a 27-year old Spanish-speaking Chilean influencer.  He is known for his YouTube channel, HolaSoyGerman, where he plays the personality and comedian on various short videos covering bullying, education and job searching, and more abstract causes such as the lack of water in Africa, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  His channel has 33 million subscribers.  He also holds 11.2 million followers on Twitter, and 8.9 million on Instagram.

Source: Semana

Mariand Castrejon Castaneda is a 24-year old Mexican influencer.  She is known for her YouTube channel Yuya, where she features short stylist and beauty videos.  Her channel has over 20 million subscribers, in addition to 13 million on her Facebook, and 10 million on her Twitter.  She has previously worked on the UN’s Sustainable Development Action campaign, aimed at attaining women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Mexican consumers are the largest subsegment of the Hispanic population at 36 million, with a considerable portion residing in California and Texas.

Source: Mujeres

Marialejandra Marrero is a 26-year old bilingual Venezuelan influencer.  She is known for her channels, Mariale, Sin Patuque, and Mar, featuring beauty tutorials and DIY tips.  Her channels hold a whopping 19 million subscribers collectively, in addition to 3.6 million followers on her Instagram.  Marialejandra has previously worked with the brand, Jouer Cosmetics, for their campaign #AwayWithJouer.

Source: Zimbio

Camila Coelho is a 29-year old Brazilian influencer.  She is known for her YouTube channel, MakeUpByCamila2, featuring makeup, hair and fashion videos.  She holds over a million subscribers on her channel, in addition to seven million followers on her Instagram.  She has previously worked with the brand, Clarins, in its campaign #WorthTheWrinkle, to promote creams for older millennials.

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, however, a substantial amount of areas bordering the country speak fluent Spanish.

Source: Metropoles

LeJuan James is a half Puerto Rican, half Dominican influencer.  He is known as a personality and comedian on his social channels.  Though a macro-level influencer (<1M subscribers) on his YouTube channel, Lejuan James, he possesses 3 million followers on Facebook and 2 million followers on Instagram.  He previously collaborated with Kraft.  The campaign promoted a contest for being featured on the brand’s commercial during the 2018 Super Bowl.

Source: Latina

Luis Fernando Flores is a 24-year old Salvadoran influencer.  He is best known for his YouTube channel, Fernanfloo.  With over 26 million subscribers, his channel features comedic gaming videos.  His popularity increased when he began to showcase Grand Theft Auto V in his content.  He also holds 4.3 followers on Instagram, 4.3 million followers on Twitter and 5.5 million followers on Facebook.

Source: All Story

Rocio Mora is a Honduran and Mexican influencer.  She identifies as Afro-Latina.  Her content is geared toward natural curly hair care.  She holds over 170K followers on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel, RisasRizos, collectively.  Rocio has been named one of the “Top 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following” by, and one of the “Top 10 Latina Bloggers to Watch in 2016” by NBC News.

Source: HispanicYa!

In the Trump era, we’ve observed several changes in Hispanic consumer behavior.  Hispanics are buying less retail goods and traveling less to see family and friends.  Also noted is an all-time low unemployment rate for Hispanics under the Trump presidency.  We anticipate many more shifts in Hispanic consumer trends during the coming months.

Sources: Pew Research Center, CNN Money, Business Insider

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