Resist Trump

The Trump era continues to impact LGBTQ, as many disclose their insecurity about the ambivalence of their rights. Thus, consumers are moving their dollars to shore up support for pro-LGBTQ brands.

This new trend was discovered from leveraging Motivate’s new consumer insights and innovation community app, SureShot. The consumer research platform, now available to the agency’s partners and clients, helps brands gather authentic, real-time insights from LGBTQ, Multicultural, Youth and other hard-to-reach niche cultures.

Motivate conducted three surveys with top-tier LGBTQ influencers in December 2017:

  • LGBTQ in the Trump era and what it means for brands
  • Racial inequality in the LGBTQ community
  • LGBTQ media preference trends

Influencers received a series of questions and recorded their responses through mobile video.  These surveys demonstrated Motivate’s competitive advantage in collecting granular, relevant data and insight from underrepresented communities.  The participating influencers reach over 1.1 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube.

Worries About Trump

Upon inspecting LGBTQ attitudes during the Trump era, surveyed influencers expressed strong concern for protecting the community’s youth and progressing transgender rights.  As a result, many are increasingly doing business with companies that are aligned with their values:

  • 51% say they have felt less secure as an LGBTQ person in the Trump era
  • 41% say they have increased purchases from LGBTQ-friendly brands since Trump became President
  • 32% have increased donations to LGBTQ organizations due to Trump being President

Participant Quotes:

“You’re constantly fearful that your protections will be taken away.”
“He said many things about the LGBTQ community, which gave some people who already had hatred toward LGBTQ more room to speak out.”
“I definitely feel less secure living as a gay male in this country.”

What it Means for Brands

The surveyed LGBTQ influencers affirm that they are paying more attention to which brands and corporations are standing up, speaking out or remaining silent.

  • 59% say that they are paying more attention to which brands support LGBTQ since Trump became President.
  • 76% say it’s important for brands to take a stand against the policies of the Trump administration affecting LGBTQ and other groups, and 60% say it’s extremely important.

Participant Quotes:

“Brands that are advocating for LGBTQ inclusivity and rights are extremely attractive and gain our business; brands that are staying silent or don’t say anything, almost lose our business entirely.”
“It’s really important for companies to take a stand to show they’re not going back in history.”
I think it’s become more important for brands to voice their support for the LGBTQ community and opposition to Trump.”

Want to learn more about the results from our surveys, or how your brand can gain custom, real-time LGBTQ consumer insight using SureShot?  Let’s connect

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