On October 18th, 2017, Gregg Witt, Executive Vice President of Youth Marketing at Motivate Inc., moderated the panel discussion titled “Delete.Hate.Bye: Why Gen Z Thinks Your Brand Sucks” at the Share.Like.Buy. Conference.  The panel included Steve Berra, President at The Berrics; Sarah Unger, Trends and Insights at Viacom; and Miri Rodriguez, Storyteller at Microsoft.  This year’s Share.Like.Buy. conference was hosted by National Geographic, and took place at its headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The panel of industry leaders discussed five essential principles proven to connect brands with youth culture.  Watch the video now:


Speaker: Sarah Unger, vice president of marketing strategy, trends and insights at Viacom, has spent several years building brand identities using Millennial and Gen Z consumer and cultural insights.

What they’re [Nickelodeon] putting out there is really true to the lives of kids today.  The research and insights wing of Nickelodeon really do that.  When you look at Nickelodeon characters, they’re cast in a way that’s diverse to reflect the world around them [kids].

Sarah Unger spoke on one of Viacom’s largest kids brand, Nickelodeon.  She affirmed that, in addition to using content that reflects what Gen Z is observing in today’s world, brands should also convey a story with depth and personality to establish an emotional connection.