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3 Optimal Strategies for Reaching Asian-American Consumers

With a population growing nearly 50% since 2002, Asian-Americans are the fastest growing multicultural segment in the U.S.  At 20.5 million strong, Asian-American consumers not…

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Buying Power and Shopping Habits of the African-American Segment

The buying power of the African-American market segment increased by 27% from 2010 to 2015, and currently stands well over $1 trillion.  The growing rate of African-Americans…

Youth Brand Alignment: Q&A with Sarah Unger, VP of Insights and Marketing Strategy at Viacom

Sara Unger, vice president of marketing strategy, trends and insights at Viacom, has spent several years building brand identities using Millennial and Gen Z consumer and cultural…

Ethnic lesbian couple

Multicultural LGBTQ: Caught Between Two Worlds and What It Means For Marketers

“No Blacks.  No Asians.  Just a preference.”  We’ve seen that phrase on the profiles of many LGBTQ social apps.  Is it just a preference, or a continuation of racism that extends…

Hispanic mobile marketing

4 Market Segmentation Strategies for Effectively Reaching Hispanics

How can your brand effectively reach the $1.4 trillion Hispanic market?  To engage a population of over 50 million, comprised of various subsegments, it is imperative that you…

What is Influencer Marketing?

The main idea behind influencer marketing is for brands to engage with consumers directly through people they already follow, admire and trust. Influencer marketing is authentic,…

A Black couple laughs while seeing something funny on a phone.

4 Facts About Black Millennials on Social Media

Social media has become a frequent outlet for African-Americans leading the charge for national civic justice, mostly led by millennials. The rise of this influential group…

Chinese & Korean-American Auto Path-to-Purchase

Motivate, the leading specialized media partner in the U.S., announced earlier this year its release of an exclusive consumer research study measuring Chinese and Korean-American…

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